How To Salt Fish For Storage

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Sometimes you go fishing and you have a great catch, which is always good. If you do not want to cook, smoke, freeze or dry your fish then you can always go for salting your fish.

Thanks to Howard, who found a very old tried and tested easy recipe from the 1800s. It does not matter what fish you catch, you can use this for any type of fish.

Salting Fish For Storage
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • fish (any type)
  • ground salt
  • napkins
  • tub
  • saltpetre (potassium nitrate)
  • brown sugar

Before you can begin the salting process, you need to clean your fish and cut them open in half. That seems to be the ‘hard’ part of the whole process.

The initial salting process takes about 24 hours. Then you have one final process that involves the saltpeter and brown sugar.

You can find the full recipe on Preparedness Advice blog, here…

Salting Fish For Storage Recipe


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