How To Regrow Celery

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Oh nice, more free celery! Well not exactly free but darn well close to it. Did you know just like green onions, you can re-grow celery. The real crazy part for me is not that you can regrow this plant, it is that very few people including me have never thought of trying this before.

It is not even difficult to do, you already do step one of the process in your kitchen every time you cook one of these anyway. So prepare to have your eyes opened one more time. *grin*

How To Regrow Celery

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Here’s What You’ll Need

  • Celery (with bottom still on)
  • Saucer
  • Warm water
  • Spot to plant it (Garden or Container)

Unlike with regrowing the green onions, you only leave the bottom in the water overnight. This is supposedly to give it a head start before you actually plant it into the ground or container.

Dig your hole, fill it water and then cover it up with soil. You will need to water this thoroughly and within 72 hours you should start to see a brand new top emerge from the ground.

You can follow full step by step instructions on the ChickensInTheRoad blog, here…

How To Re-Grow Celery


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