How To Raise Turkeys At Home

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Thanksgiving and Christmas always calls for a large turkey in our home. I have been looking at raising turkeys, so that we can just eat our own birds.

I understand that as far as the breeds are concerned, there are many different breeds available. However, they all have the same taste with the only difference being their skin when you butcher them.

  How To Raise Turkeys At Home

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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • poults (turkey chicks)
  • heat lamp
  • waterer
  • feeder
  • feed
  • coop

Taking care of baby turkey chicks, also called poults is very similar to taking care of chickens. So if you already have chickens on your homestead, turkeys should be easy to add. Turkeys also tend to act just like chickens.

Like chickens, protect your turkeys from any predators doing simple things like locking them inside a safe place at night. It is recommended that you start with one or two at first, just to get the hang of it.

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Introduction To Raising Turkeys


Watch videos below for more raising turkeys information…



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