How To Raise Geese

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If you are a regular reader of this blog, I know what you are thinking right now. Oh no, here she goes again first was how to raise ducks, then came how to raise quail now we moving on to geese? lol. Yeah, why not I am thinking of adding geese to our livestock this summer, so I have been looking up information on how to raise geese.

Apparently there are mant breeds to choose from, like the Toulouse and Pilgrims which tend to be less aggressive and calmer. Other breeds include American Buff, Cotton Patch, Emden, Pilgrim, Pomeranian, Roman, Shetland and Sebastopols. If you are not sure which breed to get, you can always order the random selection from a hatchery or get some gooslings from a neighbour or family member.

How To Raise Geese

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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • gooslings
  • brooder
  • waterer & feeder
  • kiddie pool or rubber tub
  • 5 gallon plastic buckets
  • green grass
  • chick starter crumble
  • field peas
  • sunflower seeds
  • oats
  • cracked corn

The young gooslings need to be kept in a warm safe area just like baby chicks. Any type of brooder should be perfect for this job. You can feed them the same starter feed as chicks, and do not forget to add a waterer in there too. After they have outgrown the brooder you can take them out into the backyard, with a small covered area where you can shut them in at night.

Young geese as well as the adults prefer to graze on your green grass. It is recommended that you throw in some field peas, sunflower seeds as well as oats and cracked corn too. Don’t forget a kiddy pool or some sort of large tub or pond with water so they can wet themselves in it. Initially you could just fill up 5 gallon water buckets and they will use those to wet their heads and necks.

Why would you want to keep geese? Well besides the meat and chef renowned geese fat, they will help you keep your lawn trimmed, they also chase away many predators such as hawks or foxes which may attack your chickens, they will keep the kids entertained and act as your homestead ‘alarm’ system too.

You can get more information on the Common Sense Homesteading blog, here…

How To Raise Geese

You can watch the video below on how to take care of geese…

You can watch the video beow on how to take care of gooslings…


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