How To Raise Free Range Chickens

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Most people prefer to keep their chickens in coops. We have made quite a few in the past on this blog like the diy garden shed chicken coop and the diy portable A frame chicken coop. However, there is another option which I am seriously considering. This is why I was researching how to keep free range chickens online yesterday. Just about took up, a good chunk of my afternoon too.

How To Raise Free Range Chickens

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Here Are Five Things You Should Consider:

1. Space

Your chickens should have enough space to roam around. Try not to over crowd your chickens into a small space. Having too many chickens will result in an increase in diseases as well as respiratory problems.

2. Shelter

There should be some sort of shelter available to your chickens. A coop they can sleep at night and a few trees around the location.

3. Fencing

A fence should be erected to keep them contained, so that they do not roam far away and maybe end up being lost or attacked by predators.

4. Feeding

It is recommended that you feed your free range, chickens at least twice every day. Preferably once in the morning and then again late afternoon or early evening. Water should be available all day, they should never run out of water to drink.

5. Inspection

Make it part of your routine to inspect your chickens every morning as you let them out of the coop, for any diseases or abnormalities.

Also, if your chickens are laying eggs, then you would want to collect the eggs at least once every day. For layers, a special type of feed may also be needed, in order for the chickens to be able to produce the eggs.

You can watch the video below on raising free range chickens…

You can watch the video below on how to let the chickens out each morning…


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