How To Prune Basil

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When I first started gardening, I really never used to bother with pruning my plants. Except for pruning tomatoes, I pretty much left all the other plants to grow in peace. Then my good old friend Suzy, taught me one lazy afternoon how to prune basil, I have never looked back.

What are the advantages of pruning? Well, by doing so you are actually boosting the growth of your plant and it becomes bushier. In simple terms, for every one stem that you cut, two new stems will then grow in its place. Then as those grow you can repeat the process again.

How To Prune Basil

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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • basil plants
  • pruning shears

The process is simple just repetitive. I like to do this on lazy afternoons. Grab your pruning shears then look in between two large leaves. What you are looking for is a set of smaller leaves growing at the base close to the stem. Snip the middle stem, and try to leave at least an half an inch of small stem.

Instead of throwing away the little bits that you snip off, you can collect those in a small bowl and use them in the kitchen. Start your pruning process at the top of the plant and avoid the leaves right at the bottom. These form the base of the plant which the plant needs in order to keep growing. Told ya, it’s easy peazy lemon squeezy! 🙂

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How To Prune Basil

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