How to Protect Your Garden From Frost

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When the cooler weather starts to creep in, most gardeners start to wrap things up for the season. Although some extend their seasons by implementing the use of tools such as the diy old windows greenhouse, diy mini polytunnel greenhouse or diy straw bale cold frame in winter. There are also a few other ways for you to protect your plants from early or late frost.

Early frost usually occurs in late Fall, and nowadays more often than not there is a few more weeks of warm weather left after the first occurrence. Late frost, on the other hand happens on the other side in late Spring, when we are impatiently waiting for Summer to come along.

How to Protect Your Garden From Frost
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1. Watering

One of the methods available to gardeners, is simply watering the plants. There is two ways to do this, you can either water your plants the night before. The wet soil will release moisture into the air which will raise temperatures around your plants. You can also water your plants in the early morning to wash off any frost, before the sun comes up.

2. Floating Row Covers

These resemble light blankets and are made from polypropylene. They are available from most garden supply stores and can be used to cover plants or rows of plants. Floating Row Covers can protect your plants down to 24 degrees F. Simply cover your plants overnight and remove the covers in the morning especially in the areas where temperatures shoot up during the day. Get more information on how to use them on

3. Empty Milk Jugs

Milk jugs have been used by many gardeners to successfully create small temporary greenhouse structures around your plants, which are inexpensive and easily removable. If you cannot afford the floating row covers above, you can use these instead to protect your plants from early or late frost.

In addition many other items found in almost every household can be used to cover your plants and provide some form of frost protection. Things such as bed sheets, towels, cloth shower curtains, fabric table cloths, pillow cases and even duvet covers. Simply cover you plants with these items as needed.

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