How To Plant Small Seeds In Your Garden

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We always want gardening to be fun, right? That is why I always try to share with you guys little tricks and techniques I pick up that could make the process less tedious and more fun. For example, do you remember the diy quare foot garden template? Today, let us look at how to easily plant small vegetable garden seeds.

There issue is this, some of the seeds you may want to plant in your garden such as lettuce and radish seeds maybe very small, making it difficult to plant them. You do not want your seeds too close together as this will lead to over crowding and a bad crop.

How To Plant Small Seeds In Your Garden

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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • seeds
  • small salt shaker
  • envelope
  • manila folder
  • toilet paper

Method #1: Salt Shaker

Yep, not only is it good for seasoning your food. Your salt shaker can be used to distribute your seeds too. Simply dump the seeds in the shaker, and gently shake them out for a more even distribution.

Method #2: Envelope Or Manila Folder

Choose anyone of the two, whichever one works better for you. Put the seeds in the middle of the folder while it is horizontal. Simply tip it a little towards the ground, and gently tap the end that is furthest away from the ground. Your seeds should line up and space out evenly on the garden bed.

Method #3: Toilet Paper

Lay your toilet paper on the ground, and this gives you a white background which makes it easier to see your seeds as you sow them. Then you just cover the seeds with soil and water. The toilet paper is biodegradable and will break down into the soil after a couple of weeks.

When planting small seeds like lettuce, you do not have to plant them deep into the soil. Just use your finger to draw a line in the garden bed and then use either one of the methods, mentioned above. Gently cover the seeds and most importantly do not forget to water them.

You can watch the video below on how to plant small seeds in your garden…

You can watch the video below on another trick for sowing small seeds…


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