How To Milk A Goat

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We have built diy goat shelters, homemade goat milk butter and homemade goat milk cheese in previous posts on this blog. One thing that we often take for granted is how to actually milk a goat. It is a task that most people, including me actually had to practice before mastering it.

The good thing though, is once you get the basics of it, you will eventually get the hang of it. Remember, you have to wait 2 weeks after your goats deliver their babies, before you can start milking them.

How To Milk A Goat

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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • alfalfa or bermuda pellets
  • container or bowl
  • goat milking station (optional)
  • goat udder wipes (optional)
  • goat udder balm (optional)

Make sure you have enough feed for your goats, to last the whole milking session. Then you clean the udders using the wipes before you get down and dirty. The milking technique comes starts from a few inches into the udder. Then you squeeze the teat with your thumb and fore finger.

The first squirt allows you to remove any blockages or bacteria. You should check the milk in the container too, for blood. Then you can start milking again, once you get the all clear. When it feels like there is no more milk, just punch the udder lightly and continue milking. You know there is no more milk, when the udder looks wrinkled.

You can follow step by step instructions on the Weed Em And Reap, blog, here…

How To Milk A Goat By Hand

You can watch a video below on how to milk a goat…


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