How To Make Coconut Oil

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I love coconuts, because you can get coconut water, eat the actual coconut and the husks make very good tinder for starting fires. We have two coconut trees, that are growing pretty well out back. Sometimes we go crazy and collect way more than we can eat or drink. This is why I decided to learn how to make my own coconut oil.

Don’t you hate it when you have always thought that making something involved a complicated process only to find that it is easy peezy lemon squeezy. I will have to call on my little helpers to help me with the grating, turn that into a fun family activity. Coconut oil has many health benefits, which include boosting your immune system, improving your memory, reducing inflammation, preventing heart disease and many more.

How To Make Coconut Oil
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • coconuts
  • grater
  • container
  • large bowl
  • water
  • scoop
  • large stockpot
  • cheesecloth
  • funnel
  • plastic or glass bottle

Step By Step Instructions

Step 1.

How To Make Coconut Oil

Crack open a few coconuts, empty the coconut
water into a container.

Step 2.

Grate the coconut flesh into a large bowl

Step 3.

Wash the grated coconut with water, mix well
with your hands to get the coconut milk.

Step 4.

How To Make Coconut Oil

Strain the milk into another container, cover
the milk and leave it on your counter overnight.

Step 5.

How To Make Coconut Oil

Next morning carefully scoop out the cream and
throw away the water that settles on the bottom.

Step 6.

How To Make Coconut Oil

Place the cream into the large stockpot, and cook
at medium heat for at least an hour or until brown.
Stir well and remove any lumps as you cook.

Step 7.

Remove the brown pellets and strain the rest of the
oil through a cheesecloth over a bowl.

Step 8.

Pour the strained oil into your plastic or glass
container, use a funnel to avoid spilling any of your oil.

That’s it you now have coconut oil. I bet you thought that it was a long complicated process right? Not only can you use coconut oil in your cooking and other recipes, you can also use it on your skin and hair. Remember the homemade toothpaste recipe, that had coconut oil as one of the ingredients.

You can watch the video below on how to make coconut oil at home…

You can watch the video below on 30 uses of coconut oil…


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