How To Make Candles

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It is always a nice idea to have emergency lighting available in your home. I have shared ideas on options such as the diy mason jar solar light or the diy hanging solar lights. There are all viable options, but you can also go old school by learning how to make candles at home.

I personally always thought that it was a complicated process. However recently my friend Suzie took the time out to show me how to make some, and we sure had a blast. Making your own at home will save you quite a large chunk of change compared to buying some from the store. Just try not to make a huge mess, as wax clean up is never a fun activity.

Homemade Candles
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • candle wax
  • wicks or cotton string
  • scent
  • double boiler
  • nesting pots
  • knife
  • molds
  • mixing spoon
  • newspaper
  • toothpick
  • paper towel
  • crayons (optional)
  • olive oil (optional)

Place your wax block over your double boiler to soften it, in order to make it easy to cut. Then lay out some newspapers over your work area. Melt your wax in the double boiler whilst prepping your molds. Use crayons to color your candles (I have a thing for red candles so I use red crayons). If you want your candle scented then add some scent, such as vanilla extract.

Prepare your wicks by dipping cotton string in candle wax and then allowing it to dry. Make sure that is straight as it dries. Some people like to put their wicks in the fridge to allow them to harden. Pour your wax into the molds, and leave to cool in the fridge. Once the top looks firm, poke the center with your toothpick and then insert your wick. The next step needs some steady hands as you carefully fill the hole with your warm wax from the double boiler. Allow the candle to harden in it’s mold in your fridge for a few hours. There you go, your own homemade candles! 🙂

You can follow step by step instructions on Instructables, here…

How To Make Candles

You can watch the video below on how to make homemade candles…


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