How To Make A Petunia Tower

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Oh my, this looks so pretty. Now I know that I can make a petunia tower, that is exactly what I am going to do with my Petunias. It sure looks prettier than just planting in the ground or in a flower pot somewhere.

You know the best part for me is, as complicated as it looks it actually is a simple project should. The hardest part will probably be planting the flowers. Maybe not hard, but labor intensive. I may just have to ask the girls to come help make this go a lot faster. LOL.

DIY How To Make A Petunia Tower

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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • 4-foot galvanized wire fencing with 2-inch x 4-inch openings
  • Landscape fabric
  • 6-inch black zip ties
  • 13 1⁄2-inch flower pot
  • Leather palm or cut-resistant work gloves
  • Utility knife
  • Garden spade
  • Aviation snips or tin snips
  • Scissors

The construction process, like I already mentioned above is simple. The tower is basically a ring of galvanized fence that has been lined with landscape fabric. Next you take potting soil and you fill it up inside the tower.

You cut slits in the landscape fabric in with you can then plant your petunias. You could probably reuse any plastic or bag and use that instead of going out to buy the landscape fabric. And if you have any wire left over from other projects, you could use that too for the fencing.

You can get full step by step instructions on the Alternative Gardening blog, here

How To Make A Petunia Tower


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