How to Grow Winter Melon

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This is probably one of the largest fruit you will ever set your eyes on. The ‘winter’ in the name is in reference to the fact that it can be stored all winter longer. It is classified as a tropical fruit just like dragon fruit and the passion fruit. Today, we will take a closer look at how to grow winter melon, in your garden.

Although commonly known as the winter melon, in the United States there are many other names for this fruit. It is also referred to as the white gourd, white pumpkin, ash pumpkin, wax gourd and Chinese preserving melon. It can be enjoyed raw or even pickled. Mostly used in Asian cuisine in stews, soups as well as stir fries. It has a hard waxy outer layer and a sweet inner flesh with plenty of tiny seeds.

How To Grow Winter Melon
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • winter melon seeds
  • compost
  • organic fertilizer
  • mulch
  • seedling trays (optional)
  • seedling starter mix (optional)

Winter melons do well in warmer climates, even then it is recommended that seeds are started indoors way before the last frost when they can be transferred to your garden. The ideal soil temperature should be a minimum of 60 degrees F. A nice sunny location in your garden will be the perfect place to plant your seedlings. You can also plant it in the fall before the first frost.

Regularly watering your plants will promote steady growth. Unlike most other vine plants, you do not need to erect or provide a trellis. Instead make sure that each vine has plenty of ground space to allow it to freely grow. I love that once harvested, you can store these in a cool dry area for up to 12 months.

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How to Grow Winter Melon

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