How To Grow Wheat

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They are some very commonly used household ingredients that not many people grow in their gardens. Flour is one, that we use every day for baking in the kitchen. Up until recently, I had never even Googled how to grow wheat in your home garden.

To my surprise, it is something that is not too complicated to do. Wheat can even be grown in all areas in North America, and some have even grown it successfully in the winter months. There are two main categories of wheat which are Spring or Winter varieties. Then you also have to choose the wheat you want to grow based on your needs. There is soft for pastries, hard for breads and durum wheat for pasta. Ultimately the area you live in will determine which type you can grow.

Growing Wheat At Home

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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • wheat seeds
  • compost
  • organic fertilizer
  • rake
  • cyclone crank seeder (optional)

Winter wheat is planted in the fall and Spring wheat after the last frost. Wheat can be spread out by hand or planted in rows it all depends on your personal preference. If broadcasting by hand, then you may want to spread it out in two different directions to allow for an even spread. Your wheat seeds should be raked or tiled in to about two and a half inches in Winter or one and a half inches in Spring.

Water well just like you do with your other garden plants. It is time to harvest when the stalks turn yellow or brown. At that time the heads will also start tipping towards the ground. If you put a few grains in your mouth they should be crunchy not soft. At this time, you can just go ahead and cut the heads off with a knife.

You can get more information on the Mother Earth News blog, here…

How To Grow Wheat At Home

You can watch the video below on growing wheat…


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