How To Grow Saffron

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Are you familiar with expensive herbs? So expensive that world renowned chefs use sparingly in their dishes which they normally charge an arm and a leg for. But do not worry you won’t have to folk out that kinda money to enjoy this herb/spice, because we are going to explore how to grow saffron in this post.

Most people would think that Saffron Crocus is hard to grow, judging from the price of about $243 to $849 per ounce. However, you would wrong to think that. The price seems to be influenced by the hard labor required especially when you look at commercial harvests. Saffron can be used in your cooking in rice and fish dishes, as well as making herbal teas. In years gone by, they were used in fabrics as a dye.

How To Grow Saffron

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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • saffron bulbs
  • potting soil
  • containers or tubs
  • organic fertilizer
  • old umbrellas (optional)
  • air tight container

Before you plant your saffron, you have to understand its ‘weird’ cycle. They go dormant between mid April and August. The best time to plant it is in late August. Plant your bulbs at least 4 inches apart and 4 to 6 inches deep. Do not over water your plants, they should start flowering from October to November. It is recommended you grow it in a container, this will help you control its growing conditions.

Also keep your plants well protected from garden pests. Harvest time comes when the flowers start appearing with the red stigmas, these are what you will harvest. You have to be quick on the ball though the best time to harvest is within 24 hours of the flowers blooming. Allow to dry for at least 7 days in a cool, dry, well ventilated area protected from wind which may blow them away. You can safely store it dried and use it for up to 5 years.

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How To Grow Saffron

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