How To Grow Rutabagas

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Lol! I know you are probably thinking, there we go again with another strange name vegetable. I actually enjoy trying to grow the less conventional stuff. Remember we have tried growing pineberries and also growing cucamelons before. Today we shall look at how to grow rutabagas in your garden.

This root vegetable is actually a cross between cabbage and turnips. It is called by many different names, in different areas worldwide. The root is the main reason to grow rutabagas, it can be roasted or cooked. The leaves can also be cooked or used to feed your livestock.

Here’s What You’ll Need:

There is no need for starting your seedlings in the winter, just wait until the last frost in Spring and you can plant your seeds directly into the soil. It is recommended you plant them half an inch deep, about 8 inches apart. If you are planting in rows then make them 2 feet apart. For square foot gardening, the ideal number of plants is four per square foot.

They take about 90 days to be ready for harvest. Pull out tops of the roots that are more or less five inches in diameter. As far as storage is concerned, this is a root vegetable so the best place is probably your root cellar. They can store in there for up to 180 days, otherwise you could also dehydrate or freeze them.

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How To Grow Rutabagas

You can watch the video below on growing rutabags in your garden…

You can watch the video below on cooking rutabags…

You can watch the video below on freezing rutabagas…


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