How To Grow Rue

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Yeah, I can see you giving me that raised eyebrow look. There she goes again with her fancy plant names. Actually I do not think that this one is fancy at all, it is probably just of the many herbs that you have not encountered yet. Having said that, let us look at how to grow rue.

If you have any rocky areas, in your garden where most things do not grow well, this is where you should consider planting your rue. If you pair it with other plants such as raspberries, strawberries and figs they will essentially have their own insect repellent. Like most herbs, very minimal maintenance required to keep this perennial herb going. However, keep it far from your basil, sage and mint as it often slows down their growth.

How To Grow Rue
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • rue seeds or seedlings
  • seedling starter mix
  • seedling planter
  • builder sand (optional)
  • perlite (optional)
  • vermiculite (optional)

It is probably best to start your seeds indoors, just make sure they have enough sunlight and moisture to help them germinate. When it’s time to transplant, prepare your patch of ‘poor’ well draining soil. Rich soil promotes excessive growth, no fertilizer is needed. As far as watering is concerned, just provide enough so that it does not dry out during the summer.

Use the plant before it goes to flower, by removing cuttings throughout the season. The best part of the plant to use are the yellow flowering buds, so try to clip off as many of those before the plant starts seeding. The seeds can be used too, but they tend to have a more bitter taste. Most people use this herb in teas as well as a garnish.

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Rules For Growing Rue

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