How To Grow Potatoes The No Dig Way

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Over the last few years we had so much fun trying different methods for growing potatoes on our homestead. From growing potatoes in wood pallets to growing potatoes in old tires and even growing potatoes in upside down buckets there was never a dull moment and we learnt a lot too. Just the other day I discovered yet another method that involves growing potatoes without any digging. 

If you have back problems, this method will be kinder on your back. Also unlike other methods, this one does not require you to keep earthing up plus your potatoes will be spared from fork damage. It also produces the best looking potatoes you have ever seen, they are smooth with less dirt or scabbing.

How To Grow Potatoes The No Dig Way
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • seed potatoes
  • straw mulch
  • mesh
  • grass clippings (optional)
  • compost (optional)

After you locate the area you want to grow your potatoes, you will need to hoe it before watering it well. As far as the spacing is concerned it will depend on whether you are planting your potatoes in rows or on beds. Generally the space between the plants should be between 12 to 16 inches, with rows 12 to 30 inches apart.

You can lay down a compost before your straw if you wish. The straw can be laid down thick up to six inches initially or gradually. Make sure you keep the straw watered well. A mesh or grass clippings can be used to hold the straw down. Pulling back the mulch occassionally can help you check if your potatoes are the right size and ready to harvest.

You can follow step by step instructions on the Grow Veg blog, here…

No Dig Way To Grow Potatoes


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