How To Grow Potatoes In Winter
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Actually this method also works for fall gardening, and is something that I would love to try next Fall/Winter. Robert says that he has tried both spring and winter, but growing potatoes in winter has always worked out better for him. The secret to success with this method seems to be the preparation.

As far as I can tell, once you have prepared and planted the potato spuds, there is not much more work to do. A whole lot of patience is needed though, as you wait for your potatoes at the end of winter. This may not work in very harsh winter weather, but it is worth a try.

How To Grow Potatoes In Winter

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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • Potato Spuds
  • Dead Leaves/Pine Needles
  • Saw Dust
  • Organic Mulch Material
  • Grass Cuttings
  • Soil/Dirt

Preparation should begin right after the summer gardening. Dig rows 8 to 10 inches deep. Layer the bottom with about five inches of leaves.  Followed by your potato spuds placed a foot apart on top of the leaves. Place another layer of organic material, including leaves, grass cuttings, saw dust etc. Fill in the rest of the hole with dirt, making a small hill if necessary.

When it rains and snows in winter, the organic material begins to decay. As it decays it creates heat that helps the potatoes grow. The top layer of organic matter acts as an insulator, preventing the heat generated from escaping.

You can get full step by step instructions on Back Woods Home blog, here…

How To Grow Potatoes In Winter


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