How To Grow Pomegranates

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For the love of exotic and often superfood fruits, I am never one to shy away from tasting a new fruit. After learning how to grow dragon fruit and growing passion fruit, what can stop me from growing promegranates ,nothing I say!

The really good part is, you only need to get your hands on one fruit and you can use the seeds to grow more. However, I read somewhere that there is no guarantee that if you plant seeds from a succulant fruit, the new fruit will be just as juicy.

How To Grow Pomegranates

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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • promanganates
  • paper towel
  • compost
  • bowl
  • knife
  • organic fertilizer
  • mulch
  • garden hoe

In order, to remove the seeds from the fruit all you have to do is cut it in half and scoop out the seeds onto some paper towels. Rub the seeds in between the paper towel to remove the coatings and get them ready for sowing.

Prepare your soil, loosening it up before planting the seeds at least half an inch deep and 15 feet apart. Water weekly around the seeds and allow up to 2 months for the seeds to germinate. As the tree grows fertilize at least twice a year in late fall and early spring. Also fertilize when the trees start producing fruit.

You can follow step by step instructions on eHow, here…

How To Grow Pomegranates From Seeds

You can watch the video below on how to grow pomegranates from seeds…

You can watch the video below on different fruiting stages….

You can watch the video below on pruining a pomegranate tree…


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