How To Grow Olive Trees From Seed

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Who says you have to head down to the Mediterranean to enjoy some fresh olives? After successfully growing cherry trees from seeds or growing banana trees from seeds it was time to try something different. So we decided on giving growing olive trees from seeds a go.

We did our research and the best method is something that we have used in the past before. I also found out though that for some strange reason, when you grow your olives from seeds you may get a different variety when they sprout. If you want to guarantee the same variety, then you will have to use the cutting method.

Growing Olive Trees From Seeds

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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • fresh olive seeds
  • paper towel
  • small plastic container
  • spray bottle
  • water
  • small plastic cup
  • potting soil
  • heating mat (optional)

Step By Step Instructions

Step 1.

Remove the outer shell from the seeds

Growing Olive Trees From Seeds

Step 2.

Place the seeds on the paper towel and fold
the paper towel over your seeds.

Growing Olive Trees From Seeds

Step 3.

Place the paper towel and seeds, inside your

Step 4.

Dampen the paper towel with water from the
spray bottle. Not too wet or moist.

Growing Olive Trees From Seeds

Step 5.

Cover the container and place it on a window sill
or over a heating mat. You need a heat source.

It will take about 14 days for the seeds to start growing some roots. Check on the container every few days to make sure the paper towel remains damp. After which you can transfer the seed with at least two leaves into a small plastic cup, with potting soil.

Alternatively, you could just direct sow the seeds directly into the soil without removing the outer shell and water them until they they germinate. However this normally takes way longer than the method above. Also do not use pickled olives, they will not germinate.

You can watch the video below on how to grow olives from seeds…


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