How To Grow Mulberry Trees

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If you have never had some mulberries, I feel real sorry for you. OMG, they are so delicious. I had some over the weekend and I had to ask my friend Janis, how to grow a mulberry trees?

Did you know? Mulberries are actually originally from the far east. Silk worms eat the leaves in order to produce silk. They where brought to the United States by the British in the 1800s.

The three main varieties are the black, red and white mulberry. They are easy to grow and grow into a big tree very fast. This is one of those fruits that you hardly see in grocery stores because it is very delicate and spoils quickly.

Growing A Mulberry Tree

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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • fresh mulberry tree cuttings
  • pruning scissors
  • peat pots
  • potting soil
  • rooting powder (optional)
  • compost (optional)
  • organic fertilizer (optional)
  • sheet (optional)

If you plant your mulberry tree from seed, it may take 4 to 10 years before you get fruit. To speed up the process it is recommended that you propagate mulberry trees from stem cuttings. The success rate is almost 100%, that’s how easy it is.

Step By Step In Garden Mulberry Tree Propagation

Step #1:

Cut a cutting from an established tree. Avoid cutting just the new growth, it is better if you cut all the way from the main tree branch.

Step #2:

Trim off any extra branches, side shoots or leaves. Leaving the bottom section exposed. You do not want too many leaves.

Step #3:

Cut the bottom at an angle to aid with water absorption and then plant into the or container. Make sure it is an area that gets a lot of water and sunshine.

It will take 2 to 3 weeks for the tree to sprout with little green buds. The original leaves will die and drop off. Keep the plant well watered.

They need more water than other fruit trees, and are very disease resistant. Mid Summer they will lose some of their leaves. They really do not need any fertilizer or insecticides, but you can add some if you wish.

The trees produce fruit once a year around August and September. They turn from white to red to black. You can enjoy them as fresh berries, freeze them, make pies or even mulberry jam.

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How To Grow Mulberry Tree
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