How To Grow More Cucumbers

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Until now I have always grown my cucumbers in a straight line using a trellis for support. However, I just learnt today that they grow better when planted in hills. These allow for easier pollination. If you grow your cucumbers using tomato cages for support, you can grow them in hills and increase your yield.

The variety you choose is also very important. H-19 Little Leaf variety is one that is recommended by many gardeners due to its resistance to many diseases that affect cucumbers. Your plants will also be kept away from the slugs.

How To Grow More Cucumbers

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Here’s What You’ll Need:

Your tomato cages should be at least four feet tall when their legs are in the ground. Follow the directions on your seed packs for planting your cucumber seeds. The cages go in the middle of each hill, and a maximum of ten seeds planted around it should be sufficient.

If you end up with too many plants, you can always remove some when they grow to about 4 inches tall. As they grow you should weave the plants into the cages. Twine can be used to hang some of the plants from the top of the cages.

You can follow step by step instructions on eHow, here…

Grow Cucumbers Using Tomato Cages


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