How To Grow Lettuce

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Nothing tastes better than a salad made from garden fresh lettuce. That is why I always try to grow lettuce in my garden every single year.

The great thing about lettuce is that it is easy to grow. It does not matter where you live or the variety you choose. You can mix and match your favorite varieties and grow in the same bed too.

  How To Grow Lettuce

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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • lettuce seeds
  • seed trays
  • potting mix
  • compost or fertilizer
  • soil tiller or a spade
  • watering can
  • alfalfa meal (optional)

If you plant your seeds indoors start them just after the first frost you can fresh lettuce by the beginning of summer. Planting outside should occur a week after the last frost in a well drained soil.

When planting romaine and iceberg lettuce, dig holes in rows 16 inches apart; for loose leaf lettuce varieties, dig holes 8 inches apart. Just place the roots of the seedlings into the holes and water with a watering can.

Keep the soil well watered but not too soggy especially when the leaves start to look wilted. Remember to apply first fertilizer or alfalfa meal after 21 days. Harvest the mature leaves initially and then eventually remove the whole plant.

You can follow step by step instructions on Wikihow, here…

How To Grow Lettuce In Your Garden

Watch the video below, on how to plant lettuce seeds directly into your garden


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