How To Grow Lavender

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Here is another one of those herbs that is not only fun to grow but has so many uses you can never run out of things to put it or use it in. This is the very reason why I decided it was time to learn how to grow lavender.

There are many different varieties available, but generally you want to grow the darkest one for your zone. The darker the flower the more flavor it has when you cook with it or the more intense the aroma for other uses such as fragrance.

How To Grow Lavender

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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • lavender seeds or cuttings
  • pearlite
  • peat moss
  • potting soil
  • vermiculite
  • gravel mulch
  • organic compost (optional)

Lavender does well in a well drained soil. It should never be too dry or it will start to die or too wet then you start to have problems with fungus in the roots. You can grow it from cuttings or you can grow it from seeds . Make sure it gets full sun, about 6 to 8 hours daily and has enough space to grow. It will take up to 3 years to become fully grown.

Ideally plant them in a raised bed, and surround the plant with gravel mulch this will help you heat up the area around the roots. When you water them, soak it well before letting it dry up before watering again. As soon as they start flowering, it is important to prune them so that they can continue to bloom and become bushier. The morning is the best time to do this, there are fewer bees out. The best time of year is the Fall and Spring time.

When the blossoms start to open they are ready for harvest. Use fresh or pick the flowers and dry them to prepare them for seasoning in the kitchen. Use in cakes, ice cream, desserts and even cookies. Combine with mint and lemon for tea. Thyme, fennel, basil and savory blend works well for seasoning grilled fish, meats and even your stews.

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How To Grow Lavender

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