How To Grow Kale In Your Garden

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This is one of those leafy green vegetables that I love to eat. Kale is loaded with nutrients and is often labelled a superfood, so you definitely want to grow kale in your garden. Even if you do not have access to a lot of space for a garden you can still grow some in a container and have access to fresh organic kale.

  How To Grow Kale In Your Garden

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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • kale seeds
  • compost
  • seedling tray
  • fish emulsion or compost tea
  • potting mix for containers

Start off your seeds indoors or in a greenhouse during the winter. Kale thrives in high nitrogen soil with good drainage. It is a cool season biennial crop, so the best time to plant will be very early in spring and will be ready for harvesting within 60 days.

Harvest from the bottom, removing one or two leaves at at time. You can enjoy your Kale for 2 years without having to replant it. Don’t forget to water regularly and apply¬†fish emulsion or compost tea at least once a month. Compared to other vegetables Kale is probably one of the easiest ones to grow.

You can get more detailed information on the Traditional Foods site, here…

Grow Kale In Your Garden Or Container

You can also watch this video from Quickcrop below…


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