How To Grow Horseradish

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I wonder if it is because horses love this plant or whether it looks like a horse, but it sure has a funny name. We have grown some plants with weird names before, like the tomatillos and the cucamelons, so this is nothing new. Anywho, let us get started with how to grow horseradish.

Horseradish comes from the same family of vegetables as broccoli, cabbage and wasabi. It is actually a root vegetable, mainly used as a spice for cooking meat. It originated in southeastern Europe and western Asia. Also often believed to posess anti bacterial properties that fight cold symptoms.

How To Grow Horseradish

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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • horeseradish root(s)
  • deep container
  • rocks or cement
  • potting soil
  • organic fertilizer

Prepare your container with potting soil, and also create the rock or cement base that you will sit the container on. Plant one root in the container, apply a little fertilizer and make sure to keep it well watered as needed. You only need to plant one root and it will keep producing more for years to come.

The horseradish will be ready for harvest after the first hard frost in the Fall. You have to wait until all the leaves have fallen off, before attempting to harvest. You can store in your root cellar or wash and wrap them to freeze them in your fridge.

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How To Grow Horseradish<

You can watch the video below on how to grow horseradish in containers…


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