How To Grow Fig Trees

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I think I may have my fruit tree project for this Summer, however it is still early to know if I will not end up planting other fruit trees. But for today let us look at how to grow fig trees. I love having figs as a snack or throwing them into a salad.

There are many different varieties available such as Marseilles and Green Ischi which stay green even when they ripen. This helps when it comes to protecting your fruit from the birds. Other varieties like Brown Turkey and Celeste can thrive in the colder climates.

Planting Fig Trees

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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • fig tree seedlings or cuttings
  • Espoma Citrus-tone (5-2-6)
  • potting soil
  • mulch
  • container (optional)

If you live in the colder area, it may be wise to initially plant your fig tree in a pot. This will allow you to be able to take it in and protect it from the harsh winter conditions especially in the first year. Otherwise, make sure you find a nice area in your garden that gets a lot of sunlight and is able to hold a 15 to 30 foot tall mature tree.

As far as fertilizing the tree is concerned, you can apply Espoma Citrus-tone (5-2-6) either in early Winter or in early Spring. Keep the tree well watered and mulched also. When harvest time comes along, make sure you water the tree well and pick the fruit as they become ripe. Figs can be black, green, brown, violet, yellow, or purple when ripe, it all depends on the variety you grow.

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How To Grow Fig Trees

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