How To Grow Elderberries

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One would think that I am obsessed with growing berries, and I think they would be right. The truth is, I just love them all from blackberries, to blueberries and even mulberries. So it just makes since that I spent a few hours last week online researching how to grow elderberries.

I was thrilled to discover that adding a elderberry (patch to our garden is actually pretty easy. Before you know it I will be making everything from syrup, jam, pies, jelly, wine, syrup and even tea. Elderberries have many medicinal benefits, which include boosting the immune system. They can be successfully grown from both seeds and cuttings.

How To Grow Elderberries
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • elderberry seeds or cuttings
  • mason jar
  • water
  • spray bottle
  • potting soil
  • container
  • rooting hormone
  • compost
  • mulch (optional)

The easiest way to get your elderberry started is probably by propagation. Fill the mason jar halfway with water. Submerge the cuttings for 6 to 8 weeks and remember to keep changing the water. You can use rooting hormone to speed up root development, but it is not a requirement. Once the roots are established you can transplant the cutting to well drained soil. This should be done after the last frost.

Identify a location that gets full sun or partial shade and dig holes to plant your shrubs into, the recommended spacing is roughly 6 to 10 feet apart. I also added some compost as well as mulch to help preserve water. The first year you will pinch the elder flowers around late Summer. This is done to help the plant further develop the root system. These can be used for making syrup, tea or lemonade. The second season will bring juicy elderberries, that you can enjoy as you please.

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Growing Elderberries

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