How To Grow Custard Apples

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Yeap, you guessed right! Today is grow another exotic weird fruit in your backyard orchard day! LOL. Following successfully growing dragon fruit and most recently growing kumquats, it is only natural that we add more fruit trees. I did some quick research on how to grow custard apples, and I will be sharing that with you today.

If you are not familiar with this fruit, it has a hard outer skin that resembles artichokes but the inside has many seeds just like an ordinary apple. The flesh is also soft and sweet. This low fat fruit treat is rich in fiber, Vitamin A, vitamin C as well as magnesium. You won’t find these in most grocery stores or farm markets, so growing your own is probably the best way to go.

How To Grow Custard Apples

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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • custard apple seeds
  • large bowl
  • water
  • spoon
  • sandy loam
  • small container
  • large container
  • potting soil
  • paper towel
  • peat
  • organic fertilizer
  • nitrogen

In order to promote germination, take your seeds and place them in a large bowl with water for at least 4 days. Seeds that float to the top as well as those that are left sitting on the bottom should be removed. Transfer to a clean cloth or paper towel and leave to dry. Fill a small well drained garden pot with sandy loam and peat, and plant your seeds an inch deep in the middle.

The first time you water the small pot, water should spill out the bottom drainage holes. The best temperature for germination is between 64 and 77 degrees F. Keep it away from direct sunlight and germination should take about 21 days. If you live in colder areas, then it will take longer up to 60 days. Keep the soil moist at all time until the seedling is about 3 inches and ready for transplant.

The transplant should also be kept away from direct sunlight. Fertilization should be every 90 days until the tree starts fruiting. It is also recommended that nitrogen is applied at least once every year. Water the tree twice every month from early Spring, however try avoid over watering or the roots may rot. Under watering may also cause the leaves to fall. Protect the tree trunks from frost in colder climates, by wrapping them.

You can get more information from eBay Gardening, here…

How To Grow Custard Apples

You can watch the video below on growing and tasting custard apples…


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