How To Grow Cumin From Seeds

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A few days ago, when I made the bell pepper nacho boats, there was one ingredient in there that I realized I actually did not grow in my garden. I mean I grow many other spices such as nutmeg and turmeric, so it only makes sense that I learn how to grow cumin.

After doing further research I have since found out that this plant is native to North Africa and the Mediterranean. It is part of the parsley family and is actually the second most popular spice in the world. Instead of just waiting to harvest the cumin seeds, you can use the leaves as well in your salads. The seeds can be used in cooking either whole or ground.

How To Grow Cumin
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • cumin seeds
  • seedling tray
  • seedling starter mix
  • organic compost
  • air tight container

In order to provide your plants with the full growing season, it is recommended that you start your seeds indoors about 28 days before the last frost. Plant your seeds a quarter of an inch deep, water well and keep them in an area that receives a lot of daily sunlight. Remember to keep moist until germination occurs in about 14 days.

After the last frost, and the temperature of the soil is above 60 degrees F. Feel free to transplant 4 inches apart into an area in your garden with well drained fertile soil. The growing season lasts about 4 months. As soon as the petals have fallen from the flowers, you can harvest the seeds. Dry the seeds and remove them from the chaff before storing them in an air tight container, in a cool dry area.

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How To Grow Cumin

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