How To Grow Cucamelons

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Cuca what? That was my reaction, the first time I heard about these strange looking veggies. You know me I like a challenge, so I decided to learn how to grow cucamelons in my garden.

Cucamelons are the size of grapes, they look like watermelons on the outside but they taste like cucumbers with a slight hint of lime. Mexicans call them the sour gherkin cucumber. Apparently, they are easy to grow too.

Growing Cucamelons
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • cucamelon seeds
  • compost
  • organic fertilizer
  • trellis or support
  • small container (optional)

If you know how to grow cucumbers then you will have no problems at all when it comes to cucamelons. You should plant your seeds in early Spring that is around April and May, when there is no longer any risk for frost.

They are very disease and pest resistant. Just make sure to keep them well watered, and provide them with some sort of support, for them to grow well on a vine. They are ready for harvest when they are grape size but still hard and firm.

You can get more information on the Home Grown Revolution blog, here…

How To Grow Cucamelons

You can watch the video below, on how to grow cucamelons…


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