How To Grow Brussels Sprouts

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Yep! I do realize that very few people have a regular healthy serving of these hearty vegetables, however I would like to try and change that today. I have finally decided to learn how to grow brussels sprouts in my own garden.

There are a few different varieties to choose from, such as Lond Island, Octia and Catskill. Although most are green in color there are some red and purple ones too. I love that you can grow them indoors during the winter months too.

Growing Brussels Sprouts

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Here’s What You’ll Need:

You can direct sow the seeds or plant seedlings from about mid Spring. Direct sowing is usually best in the warmer climates though. Find a location in your garden with well drained fertile soil that gets a lot of sun, but is also protected from the wind. You do not want your tall plants to be blown over.

As far as spacing is concerned, plant in rows a foot apart, with the seedlings spaced two feet apart. Apply mulch on to the ground and the occasional liquid fertilizer. Allow 85 to 110 days for the plants to mature, depending on the variety.

The best time to harvest your brussels is after the first few frosts and while the buds are still small. Simply twist each bud off the stalk and try to avoid opening the balls as you do that. Alternatively, you can pull out the whole plant from the ground, store it in a cool place and continue the harvest for up to 21 days.

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How To Grow Brussels Sprouts

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