How To Grow Black Pepper

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Are you ready to grow some black gold? Yes, apparently that is what some people call the peppercorn plant, since it is very popular, extremely expensive and in very high demand. We have grown other spices in the past such as turmeric, so today we will look at growing black pepper too.

Unfortunately it is not easy to grow this spice especially if you live in an area that is not as humid and hot as the southern states of India with temperatures between 75 to 85 degrees F throughout the year, where the bulk of the world’s supply is grown. However, using your greenhouse you can recreate these conditions and increase your chances of success.

How To Grow Black Pepper
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • peppercorn seeds
  • potting soil mix
  • small container
  • large container
  • compost
  • organic fertilizer
  • manure
  • epsom salts
  • mulch

You can grow it from seeds or cuttings, but in this post we will concentrate on progation from seeds. Put some potting soil in your small container, use a finger to make 3 holes at least half an inch deep. Then drop a seed in each hole, cover them lightly and start watering. When ready for transplant, transplant into a large pot to allow for the often extensive root structure.

To simulate humidity, spray your plants with water mist often. Or you can just sit your pot on a saucer with water. Keep well watered throughout the season and apply fertilizer as well as compost at the start of the season. Also apply some mulch to reduce loss due to evaporation.

Over watering may result in root rot. Other pests to keep an eye out for aare aphids, slugs, scale insects and red spiders. It is best to harvest the pepper fruit before it matures, and then you can dry the fruit in the sun before processing the different types of pepper from them.

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How To Grow Black Pepper

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