How To Grow Basil From Cuttings

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Next time you have a batch of fresh basil from the farmers market, your garden or even the store use this method to easily grow even more. They say it is easier to grow basil from cuttings than from seeds.

I have to admit it does seem like a pretty simple and straight forward process. It is definitely something you should try especially if you buy your basil from the grocery store.

  How To Grow Basil From Cuttings

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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • fresh basil
  • scissors
  • potting mix
  • clear jar or plastic cup
  • plant container or pot
  • water
  • organic fertilizer
  • rooting hormone (optional)

The first step will be preparing your basil cuttings for propagation. Just cut the basil stems at an angle using your pair of scissors. Place these stems into your glass jar or plastic cup with water. Leave them in there for a few weeks and watch the roots grow.

Once your cuttings have grown roots, it is time to transfer them to a small container or pot. Fill your container with potting mix and place your cutting into small holes you create with your index finger.

You can apply a little rooting hormone, into these holes before placing your rooted cuttings. Water well and place on a windowsill or in an location that receives hours of sunlight daily.

You can watch the video below, how to grow basil cutting…

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