How To Grow A Bumper Tomato Crop

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There are quite a number of different ways to boost your tomato crop. Today, we will talk about how to grow a bumper tomato crop, using a plastic garbage can.

Yep, you read right! Not only can a plastic garbage can boost your tomato crop it can also speed up the growth process for optimal yield.

How To Grow A Bumper Tomato Crop
Photo Credit: James Bryan C via
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • tomato plants
  • small round plastic wastebasket
  • round tomato cage
  • two shovels compost
  • hand drill (optional)

The simplicity of this crazy idea is what gets me. It is basically a garbage can with holes drilled into it and then planted into the ground.

Using this method, James says he was able to grow fruit loaded tomato plants which were about 5 feet tall. It took just around 45 to 50 days to achieve these exciting results.

You can follow step by step instructions on Mother Nature Network blog, here…

How To Grow A Bumper Tomato Crop


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