How To Grow 100 Lbs Of Potatoes In A Box

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If you love potatoes, you are absolutely going to love this idea, especially if you have very limited space for your garden. Apparently you can grow as much as 100lbs of potatoes in a 4 square feet wooden box. The trick here is your potatoes grow up the box, filling it up as they grow. Harvesting the potatoes seems as easy as planting them. It looks like you are going to end up with a whole bunch of potatoes to feed the whole neighborhood. Plus you do not have to worry about weeding a large area, just the 4 square feet. Yippeee.

How to build a potato box

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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • Potatoes
  • Six 2×4 boards 8′ long.
  • One 2×2 board 12′ long.
  • 96  2.5″ wood screws

You will cut the boards into the desired lengths. Then you set up the first level, filling it up with soil and planting your potatoes. Before you move on to the next level when those potatoes on that level have grown. You keep on repeating the process as you add more levels. When it comes to harvesting you start from the bottom of the box, you remove the screws and the boards and reach into the box pulling out the potatoes from that level. Then next time you harvest you target the second level and so on and so on. It looks to me like you can reuse the box, as long as the wood is has not rotted away. They recommend you use pine, cedar or redwood for longer lasting boxes.

You can find the full detailed instructions on, here…

How To Build A Potato Box Plans



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