How To Freeze Zucchini

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It happened this winter, when I ran into this soup recipe that needed fresh zucchini that I really wanted to make but had to postpone until the gardening season after we grow some more zucchini. This season I have decided to look into how to freeze fresh zucchini, for use in the winter.

If you think that is going to be difficult task, then you are going to be disappointed when I tell you that it is not. The process is not only super easy but it is fast too. You can use frozen zucchini for various dishes from bread, lasagna, kebabs, stir fry and some egg dishes. You can either freeze zucchini slices or grated.

How To Freeze Fresh Zucchini

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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • fresh zucchini
  • large stockpot
  • large bowl
  • water
  • kitchen towel
  • cutting board
  • ice water
  • strainer
  • freezer or vacuum seal bags
  • marker

The first step is to wash and dry your zucchini, before slicing a quarter to a half inch slices. You are going to blanche the slices to help keep the taste as well as color even after they are frozen. It is a 3 minute process that involves placing the slices in boiling water.

Followed by removing the slices and placing in the bowl of ice water for another three minutes. Strain or remove the ice water and leave to dry for another five minutes before placing the slices into the freezer bags, making sure to remove most of the air. Don’t forget to label and date with a marker. Store in your freezer until needed.

You can follow step by step instructions from Fabulessly Frugal blog, here…

How To Freeze Fresh Zucchini

You can watch the video on how to freeze zucchini with no blanching…


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