How To Freeze Raspberries

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When it comes to preserving your fruits for the long term, freezing is one of my favorite methods. I have already discussed freezing grapes as well as freezing fresh kale, in previous posts. I decided that today we take a look at how to freeze fresh raspberries in this post.

Unlike canning the process of freezing, is usually way easier. You could also dehydrate your raspberries if you wish, and that should help you store even more fruit to enjoy out of season. The good news is although they look fragile, when fresh they are actually pretty easy to store. We like to enjoy ours in smoothies and with ice cream. Yummy!

how to freeze fresh picked blackberries

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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • fresh raspberries
  • cookie sheets
  • ziploc bags
  • straw (optional)

As with all fresh fruit, you want to wash them thoroughly and let them dry before you begin the process. Remove any damaged berries, as they might not freeze well. Then all you have to do is place them on a baking sheet and let them freeze for up to 6 hours in your freezer.

After the initial freezing session, you want to remove them from the freezer and pack them into your Ziploc bags. They tend to thaw fast, so you have to work as fast as you possibly can when packing them into the bags. Make sure you remove any air inside the bag before you zip it shut. Store in your freezer for up to 6 months. Enjoy! 🙂

You can follow step by step instructions on Mom With Prep blog, here…

How To Freeze Raspberries

You can watch the video below on how to freeze fresh raspberries…


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