How To Dehydrate Fresh Cranberries

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Just like dried raisins, I love my dried cranberries too. They make a great snack amongst many other things. Remember we have talked about how to dehydrate fresh cherries and how to dehydrate strawberries. So it should really be a similar process when it comes to dehydrating cranberries.

You are going to need to pull out the food dehydrator for this one. Although one of these days I am going to try using the solar dehydrator. You can get your cranberries in bulk freeze some of them and then dehydrate some that you can use in salads, scones, biscotti, potpourri, homemade trail mix and granola bars.

How To Dehydrate Cranberries

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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • fresh cranberries
  • water
  • pot or bowl
  • food dehydrator
  • ziploc bags
  • mason jars
  • slotted spoon (optional)
  • colander (optional)
  • sugar (optional)

There are two ways to go about dehydrating your cranberries. The in pot method involves filling a pot with water and bring it to a rolling boil. Then you add the cranberries for 2 minutes, before removing them using the slotted spoon after they pop and placing in a colander so they strain. Do it in small batches.

The second method is slightly different instead of boiling the water in the pot then adding the cranberries, you boil the water separately and pour over cranberries in a bowl. Let stand for 2 minutes, before removing with the slotted spoon and straining in the colander.

To dehydrate, place the cranberries in a single layer on the trays. Process them for at least 8 hours at 135 degrees F. You can check to see if their ready, if not leave them in there for up to 12 hours. Our dehydrator took about 10 and a half hours. Store in a cool area in ziploc bags or mason jars.

You can follow step by step instructions on The Don’t Waste The Crumbs blog, here…

How To Dehydrate Cranberries

You can watch the video below on homemade dried cranberries…


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