How To Build A Wofati Log Cabin

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Since one of the first main concerns when you move on to a new homestead is finding shelter, I like to share different ideas on this blog. In the past we have looked at the diy tiny house plans and the diy log cabin. Just the other day I ran into a new concept I had never heard before a wofati log cabin.

The original design was developed in 1970 by a man named Mike Oele. He build a cabin that was 120 square meters for about $50. The advantages of this type of cabin include having more light, no need for heating or A/C, being up to 3 times faster to build and up to 5 times lower in cost.

How To Build A Wofati Log Cabin
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • logs
  • nails
  • wood nails & screws
  • hand drill
  • hammer
  • dirt
  • plastic tarp
  • pine twigs and branches
  • windows
  • door
  • crane
  • ladders

Once you have located the perfect place to build your wofati, the main structure is the first to come up including the green roof. Then you fill up the walls with logs laying horizontally and vertically. The same is done for the sides as well as the roof. After this you can add your window and door frames too.

Then you can move on to bringing the dirt up the sides and top of the cabin. Before heading back inside to complete building the interior, that is the kitchen as well as the the living areas and bedroom. You can then put finishing touches to your Wofati before moving in.

You can get more information on the Tiny Life blog, here…

How To Build A Wofati Log Cabin

You can watch the video below on the Wofati Cabin walk through…


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