How To Build A Tree House

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Many people dream of having one of these in their backyards, mostly for their children’s enjoyment. However I know of a few who have built these as their main living quarters, instead of staying in a log cabin or just an ordinary tiny budget cedar cabin. Regardless, the question remains how do you build a tree house?

Although this project is pretty labor intensive, the end result is worth all the effort and work. Some of the required materials can be replaced with stuff you have already lying around, such as the boards and the roof. The more materials you are able to re-purpose, the less it will cost to build this shelter. He was able to build his for as little as $250 in just a few weekends.

DIY Tree House Plans
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

The design is based around three tree trunks being in very close proximity, the more trees the less bracing needed. Check out the plan for a visual before getting started. Determine your height considering factors such as your fear of heights as well as the difficulty of hauling materials up for the construction. The recommended height is about 9 feet above the ground.

Mounting the main supports is the first task at hand, before moving on to laying out the platform and actually building it. The platform is then attached to the supports and braced. Now you can move on to hanging the pulley, so that you can begin laying out the decking. After the decking is complete the entrance way is established, followed by railing and the ladder for access. The roof goes on last to complete construction. A structure like this can last up to 5 years or more.

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How To Build A Tree House

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