How To Build A Simple Pig Pen

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This is one of those posts that I should have made a long time ago, however procrastination always seemed to win. When we first got pigs, I did some research online on some shelters and out of the ones I found we ended up choosing this one. Its funny that I have already shared with you how to make your own homemade pig feed, but I still haven’t covered how to build a pig pen. SMH.

This is an awesome design for a simple starter pig pen. You can save on the costs of this project, by using reclaimed wood and reusing other materials such as roofing sheets that you may already have lying around. How long will this project take to complete? Well if you go at it for about 2 to 4 hours each day, you should be done in 3 to 4 days.

How To Build A Pig Pen
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • lumber
  • u nails
  • hack saw
  • hammer
  • concrete
  • hog panels
  • feeder
  • waterer
  • heavy gauge galvanized wire
  • bolt cutter (optional)

Start by laying out the frame for your concrete on the ground. Then you can go ahead and mark where all your poles and supports will be located. The fun part begins, where you have to dig all the holes for your posts to about 2 feet deep. Slide in your posts there should be about 4 feet above the ground, fill in with concrete and go ahead and lay the concrete for the rest of the floor. It should be at least 2 and half inches thick.

While you wait for you concrete to dry, you can begin to cut your hog panels. A hack saw does the job just as good if not better than any power tool or bolt cutter. Pigs are notorious for chewing everything they, therefore you are going to have to protect your posts with heavy gauge galvanized wire on the interior side which is exposed to the pigs. The roof always goes on last, and in this design only covers about a third of the pen.

You can watch the video below on how to build a pig pen…

You can watch the video below for yet another pig pen design…


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