How To Build A Duck House From Scrap

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I must admit, I am one of those people who is guilty of focusing all my attention on chickens. Today I made a decision to finally include some ducks on the homestead this Summer. After a few hours of research, I have settled on starting with this diy duck house that is made from scrap material.

Affordable and cheap diy projects are always the best ones. Since this one mainly uses scrap material the cost is almost $0. However, the duck house is still easy to make, functional, portable and most importantly easy to clean.

Duck House Made From Scrap
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • reciprocating saw
  • handheld drill or srewdriver
  • drywall screws or nails
  • tape measure
  • wood pallets
  • 8’x6’ shadow-box wood fence panels
  • corrugated plastic or tarpaper
  • plywood
  • vinyl tile
  • door hinges,
  • hooks or locks
  • any trim or decor elements

Alright when it comes to the actual build, it is merely a matter of fitting everything together like a puzzle. The shadow-box wood panels are cut into 4 pieces which make up the side walls, the back and the roof. Additionally the corrugated plastic or tarp paper is added to the top of the roof, to further protect it from the elements.

The duck house sits on wood pallets which will keep it off the ground and make it more portable. The front has a ramp that allow easy access for the ducks and the is on hinges to allow it to open so you can clean the coop. The vinyl tile goes on the floor. You can even decorate and paint the exterior, if you have the time.

You can follow step by step instructions on the Home Grown blog, here…

DIY Scrap Duck House Plans

You can watch video below, on building a duck house…

You can watch video below, on this predator proof duck house…


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