Homemade Soy Free Chick Starter

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If you want to feed your chicks starter feed that is free from soy then you will be glad you ran into this post. I just found this homemade soy free chick starter recipe online, that you can use.

The ingredients for this recipe maybe a little unconventional but she swears that the chicks love this mix. If you do not have any of them, you can purchase them from your local co-op.

Homemade Soy Free Chick Starter Feed Recipe
Photo Credit: blueviolafarm.blogspot.com
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • cracked whole wheat
  • dry cat food (soy free)
  • alfalfa pellets
  • grinder
  • glass jars
  • grit (optional)

The cat food and the pellets will need to be ground in a grinder. Only then can you add the whole wheat and mix it in with your hands in a glass jar.

The cat food provides the soy free protein and the alfalfa pellets provide the much needed greens. You can stop adding the pellets once they chicks start feeding on greens and weeds.

You can follow step by step instructions on the Blue Viola Farm blog, here…

Soy Free Chick Starter Recipe


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