Homemade Poultry Feed Recipe

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Are you still feeding your poultry manufactured store bought feed? My old friend Judith advised me many years ago to stop doing so and switch the homemade organic feed for my chickens. I now have turkeys too, so I have since switched to this homemade poultry feed recipe.

It is soy and GMO free and can be custom made to cater for the needs of your particular breed. If your chickens free range during the day, you can leave out the grains which are wheat, oats or barley. I love that you can add cayenne pepper to feed, which helps with increasing body heat especially in the winter.

How To Make Your Own Poultrry Feed
Photo credit: livinlovinfarmin.com
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • black oil sunflower seeds
  • black oil sunflower seeds hulled
  • corn or wheat
  • flax seed
  • cayenne pepper
  • diatomaceous earth
  • salt
  • wheel barrow
  • shovel
  • crushed eggshells or oyster shells (optional)

Mixing this homemade feed is very simple. You just measure out the ingredients and then mix them well together. It is a lot easier to just make it in bulk and then store it in smaller more manageable portions which you will be getting your feed from each day.

Observe your poultry feeding, if you notice then tend to pick and choose some of the ingredients. Sve yourself the money and energy, exclude that ingredient from your mixture. Look foir other ways to introduce the missing nutrients into their diet. My chickens and turkeys absolutely love their homemade feed! 🙂

You can get more information on the Livin Lovin Farmin blog, here…

Homemade Poultry Feed Recipe


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