Homemade Plastic Dish Scrubbies

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It has been a while since we did an upcycling project, on this blog. I think the last ones we did were the diy wood pallet sofa and the diy rope ottoman. Anywho today we are going to be upcycling your produce bags and using them to make homemade plastic dish scrubbies.

This is a super easy kitchen project, there is no sewing involved just some folding. The great thing about this one, is that you get to save money, by reusing those bags that most of us have always thrown away. The homemade version, will work great on all your pots and pans including those made from cast iron or teflon.

Homemade Plastic Dish Scrubbers
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • plastic mesh produce bags
  • scissors

Step By Step Instructions

Step 1.

Use your scissors to cut off any ends with paper
or metallic rings from your produce bags.

Step 2.

Insert your arm through one bag, and then repeat
with all the bags.

Step 3.

Start rolling the bag inwards from one of the side
until you reach the other end.

Step 4.

If your rolled bags, leave a large donut shape,
twist them and then insert one end through the hole.

Step 5.

That’s it! You have your own homemade scrubbies.

For best results you should use at least 4 bags per scrubbie, however you can add as many as 8 bags if you want. Instead of rolling all the bags inside, you can tie one of the bags and then stuff it with the other rolled up bags. Then you just knot the top of the scrubbie to keep everything together.

You can follow step by step instructions on Total Survival blog, here…

Easy No Sew Kitchen Scrubbies

You can watch the video below how to make plastic dish scrubbies…


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