Homemade Organic Chicken Feed Recipe

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Would you like to feed your chickens 100% organic, non GMO  chicken feed without any corn or soy? I just watched this video from April, she makes her own homemade organic chicken feed. She feeds it to her 3 hens, and in turn they lay some really beautiful large eggs with hard shells and nice yolks.

Homemade Organic Chicken Feed Recipe

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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • organic yellow split peas
  • organic barley feed
  • organic rolled oats
  • organic flax seed
  • chia seed
  • organic kelp
  • plastic bucket with lid

Mixing the feed is pretty simple….

1. Just add four cups of spilt peas, barley and rolled oats.

2. Then add one cup of kelp, flax seed, chia seeds and mix together in a plastic bucket.

The portions do not have to be perfect and you can mix up some of the proportions each time you make your chicken feed. Store in your chicken coop, just make sure the lid is on tight.

I read somewhere that this type of feed is great for your layers, however it does not have the higher levels of protein needed to grow chickens for meat.

Here’s another Homemade Chicken Feed Recipe, you can use from wellfedhomestead.com. Their version has a few more ingredients such as soft white wheat, hard red wheat, sunflower seeds, milled, oat groats and fish meal.

Watch the video below for more chicken feed tips from April…


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