Homemade Natural Air Freshener Spray

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Here is my thing, besides it usually being cheaper to make your own homemade versions of products it is also usually more convenient. Take for example the homemade fabric softener recipe and the homemade bug spray for gardens we have made in past posts. Well today, we are going to add to that list with this homemade natural air freshener spray recipe.

I love how simple this is, you only need 3 ingredients to make this. Plus you can add your favorite scent to it. As a family we are in love with lavender, so you already know what scent our air freshener spray is going to be. Should be ready in 5 minutes maximum, costs less than 50 cents per bottle.

Homemade All Natural Air Freshener Spray

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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • essential oils (Lavender, Lemon, Orange or Peppermint)
  • witch hazel or vodka or rubbing alcohol
  • filtered water
  • reusable spray bottle

Are you ready for the simple, why didn’t I think of this recipe. All you have to do is put the water and the alcohol into the spray bottle. Then you add your preferred essential oil before screwing on the nozzle. Make sure your spray bottle has a mist spray option

With a good shake or two, your air freshener should be ready to go. I love that this recipe allows you three different choices for the alcohol part, because you never know what maybe available in your house at the time you need to whip up some air freshener. 🙂

You can follow step by step instructions on the Don’t Mess With Mama blog, here…

Homemade Natural Air Freshener Spray

You can watch the video below for another natural air freshener recipe…


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