Homemade Freezer Tomato Sauce

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When the tomato ripening season arrives, most often than not I end up with way too many ripe tomatoes. I sun dry some, I make homemade ketchup and canned salsa too. This season I also tried this roasted tomato sauce for the freezer recipe.

If you have access to a whole bunch of ripe tomatoes and an oven, you a pretty much ready to go. There are a few other ingredients that enhance the flavor, but most of us already have these readily available in our kitchens.

Roasted Romato Sauce For Freezer
Photo credit: apronstringsblog.com
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Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • fresh ripe tomatoes
  • basil
  • garlic
  • extra virgin oil
  • sugar
  • kosher salt
  • red wine vinegar
  • freshly ground pepper
  • ascorbic acid preserver
  • potato masher
  • paring knife
  • baking sheet
  • large bowl
  • kitchen towel
  • canola oil
  • air tight containers
  • food processor (optional)

Since you will be using your oven to roast the tomatoes, preheating it to 400 degrees F is recommended. Each tomato needs an X marking the spot on the bottom. When you roast them the X’s should face upwards.

Maximum baking time in the oven should be 30 minutes. You will know they are ready when they are soft and lightly browned. At which time you remove them from oven, peel and core them over the large bowl working from the X.

My least favorite part is the mashing into chunks using the potato smasher. Its not difficult just can become a little messy. I stored mine in air tight tupperware in the freezer. Apparently you can store your tomato sauce in there for up to 12 months. Simply thaw when you want to enjoy your tomato sauce.

You can find the full recipe on the Apron Strings Blog, here….

Freezer Roasted Tomato Sauce Recipe


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